• Bona Bona Multidisc Interface Pads 1/4 inch

Bona Bona Multidisc Interface Pads 1/4 inch

These innovative pads, available in ¼” and ½” size, allow for specie specific sanding where surfaces may be uneven. Bona 1/4\" Interface Pads 6/Pk

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The ¼” pad gives a perfect, clean look on more open grain, and softer species like red and white oaks, pine, fir, etc. The ½” pad makes sanding harder, tighter grained species easier like Brazilian cherry, IPE, Tigerwood, etc, leaving the cleanest, smoothest surface. Use ¼” pad, where contouring is needed, on softer, more open grain species Use ½” pad, where contouring is needed, on harder, tighter grained species

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