ProCoat Splashdown Waterborne Wood Sealer

ProCoat Splashdown is a high solids, adhesion promoted, acrylic wood sealer. Splashdown self-crosslinks when exposed to oxygen to develop an extremely durable film. Formulated with eco-friendly premium grade resins. This product exhibits outstanding dry times and adhesion to even the most difficult of substrates. This product may be abraded to a powder and ready for succeeding coats in as little as 1-2 hours.

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ProCoat Splashdown Waterborne Wood Sealer

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More About ProCoat Splashdown Waterborne Wood Sealer

WOOD: Newly sanded floors: 1 coat ProCoat Splashdown Wood Sealer with 2-3 coats of H2Oil or 2-3 coats of AquaPro.

When coating over stains allow stain to dry per manufacturer’s directions or longer depending on atmospheric conditions. A test area is recommended to insure compatibility with stain.

Recoating existing surfaces:

Abrade with appropriate screen or conditioning pad and apply 1-2 coats of H2Oil / AquaPro. When recoating existing surfaces compatibility must be determined by applicator.